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The Air Tractor AT-802F

The Single Engine Air Tanker

Coastal Air Strike uses the Air Tractor AT-802F as their primary aerial firefighting aircraft. The AT-802F is recognized in the industry as safe, reliable, and easy to maintain. With ferry speeds of up to 200 MPH, the AT-802F provides swift and targeted aerial firefighting. By choosing and operating one type of airplane, Coastal Air Strike can ensure their pilots maintain a superior level of familiarity with the flying characteristics and operational limitations of the aircraft.

Coastal Airstrike Aircraft

The Single Engine Scooper

Equipping the AT-802F with amphibious floats transforms the popular SEAT into the versatile Single Engine Scooper (SES). Refilling its 800-gallon tank from nearby natural sources such as lakes, rivers, and reservoirs, the SES has the capability to stay in the air for more than three (3) hours, dropping up to 14,000 gallons of water per hour before needing to refuel. Additionally, all our SES aircraft have on-board mixing systems, capable of adding water-enhancing products to increase direct attack efficiency, and infrared cameras that allow pilots to see hot spots – providing them with essential information to adjust their line before making a drop.

The efficient, effective SES is the most economical tool in the aerial firefighter’s arsenal. Data shows a SES can carry nearly half the payload of a Multi-Engine Scooper for about 1/10th the capital and 1/5th the operating expense. Coastal Air Strike is proud to own four of these highly-regarded aircraft.