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We are the company you want to call when aerial firefighting is needed. Colorado does. Minnesota, Montana, New Jersey, and Wisconsin do. The Oregon Department of Forestry awarded Coastal Air Strike the state’s first-ever exclusive contract for Single Engine Scoopers (SES). The Bureau of Indian Affairs for the state of Minnesota chose us, including provisions for use in Alaska. We work for Florida’s Everglades National Park and Big Cypress National Preserve through our National On-Call contract. From coast to coast, we are a preferred contractor for the critical aerial support needed by on-the-ground firefighters.


To be recognized as a model of safety and professionalism within the aerial firefighting industry.


To safely, efficiently, and effectively provide critical aerial firefighting support to ground forces engaged in the fight against wildfires.

NAFA at Coastal


Where we started.

Firmly grounded in aviation, Coastal Air Strike Founder and President Michael Hutchins has logged over 17,800 hours in the air since his first season flying as an agricultural pilot for Roe, Arkansas-based Custom Air in 1996. Purchasing that business 10 years later, Hutchins expanded the service line to include aerial firefighting, earning his accreditation as an aerial firefighting pilot and investing in aircraft with firefighting capabilities.

The acquisition in 2020 of Fletcher Flying Service added aircraft and operating premises in Florida. Strategic leasing agreements increased the company’s fleet total. Hutchins converted four of the company’s Air Tractor AT-802F aircraft to amphibious Single Engine Scoopers and now commands a fleet of nine aircraft. To emphasize the company’s commitment to nationwide aerial firefighting, Hutchins rebranded the enterprise as Coastal Air Strike.